Spieel app

Reveal what makes you happy

How does it work?

Log how you feel

Instantly rate your happiness level, tag the moment,and add an optional photo and diary entry.

Reveal emotional cycles

Uncover hidden emotional patterns over hours, weeks and months. And use tags to track down the causes.


Review past entries, photos and diary entries. Filter your entries by tags to see what drives your emotional life.

Discover your happiness

The word 'spieel' means 'mirror' in Afrikaans. And just like the name implies, you can use the Spieel app to reflect on your life and happiness.

See how your mood changes over time and reveal any hidden patterns on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis. Knowing what exactly makes you happy(or unhappy) and when, gives you the power to focus on what makes you feel good, and reconsider what does not.

Do you tend to be happier on Tuesday afternoons? In the month of April? At 10am in the morning? Why? What is it about those moments that make you feel better?

Reflect on your life with Spieel and get insights on how to make yourself happier.

How does it work?

1. When you feel particularly good or bad, open up Spieel and rate your level of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10.

2. Tag any things related to that moment(your pet, traffic, love interest). Tags will help you notice what in your life tends to lift you up, and what brings you down.

3. Save an optional photo of that moment.

4. Write a short, optional diary entry to remind yourself what exactly was on your mind at that moment.

5. Save your entry and review!

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